Watermark Publishing

It is the leader in the greeting card market of Great Britain. Today this publishing house possesses around 5 500 designs. The secret of success is the perfect quality of printing which Watermark has demonstrated until now. Besides this, Watermark has a team of talented designers, illustrators, copywriters for who creating of greeting cards is not only work, it’s the whole life.

We are glad to present all spectrums of Watermark designs in the Russian market: tender flowers, vivid landscapes, stylish accessories, funny animals and characters.


Papyrus is a phenomenon in the world of greeting cards. At first sight on the products of this American company you can’t understand at once if it is a greeting card or it is a present or it is an art work. The cause is complicated and expensive decorations with pastes, feathers, bands and display details. Until recently all these products were available only for the USA, Canada and China markets, now they are also presented in Russia.