Carlton Cards

Carlton Cards is a Canadian publishing house with one- hundred year experience (!). During this time a part of the designs and personages has become a real legend and the number of retailing shops has surpassed 200. Today you can feel the history. You can find designs of Carlton Cards in our collection “Shelk” and in the greeting cards devoted to Women’s day. In 1977 the cards of this trade mark were named as “the best in reproducing the needs of women”.

Paper Rose

Another British publishing house Paper Rose has been functioning already for 25 years in the market with brilliant results. Every year the collection of awards of this company rises (including Henries – the so-called “Oskar” for greeting cards). The greeting cards of this publishing house are decorated with foil, laser cutting, complicated handmade works. It’s a big pleasure not only to present these cards, but also to hold them in hands. In our collection addressed to close people you can find the greeting cards created under the license of Paper Rose.