If you think that a greeting card is just a piece of paper…
If you think that a greeting card contains only smart flowers and gaudy colors
If you think that a greeting card contains just simple words and jokes…
…that means you haven’t seen yet greeting cards of Lacart Design!

We don’t draw an image, we create a little masterpiece
We don’t write a text, we find necessary words,
We don’t just sell, we bring joy to people!

According to these principles, employees of the company “Lacart Design”, have worked since 2003 using the licenses of the biggest companies and also have creating greeting cards by themselves. Our most important partner is Watermark Publishing, the British greeting card company.  Watermark Publishing creates elegant, dainty, and stylish designs. When we saw these designs, we started to think “Why can’t we produce the same in Russia?” Today, we are creating the same greeting cards. We produce them in “Lacart Design”.

Every year, the number of licenses of Lacart Design increases: Paper Rose, Carlton Cards, The Art Group, Spice Studios, Pictura. Each brand represents the whole history of the world greeting card business. The special pride of the company is the rights for producing greeting cards Papyrus, real artworks with expensive and complicated decorations.

All these beautiful things are specially made for our buyers. Our buyers are special people: successful, intelligent, and remarkable, with a refined taste. They love life and they know this is mutual. Choosing Lacart, our customers know that with our greeting cards they make people happy. Besides the greeting cards, we are offering mini-set of greeting cards, gift envelopes for money, gift bags, calendars and invitations.

We increase not only the assortment of our products, but also the places of distribution. You can find our products in such big affiliated retailers: “Krasny kub”, “Azbuka vkusa”, “Sedmoy continent”, “Globus gurme”, Uyuterra” and a lot of others. That means our products have become not only better, but also more available.